About the project

How to sensitize young people on nature, while developing their passions and talents?

How to effectively shape environmental attitudes from an early age, and effectively use your knowledge in everyday life?

In response to these questions, the project of environmental education “Mission Nature – Green Schools in National Parks” has been launched.

The students will be able to discover a passion for nature together with the ambassador of the project – Beata Pawlikowska, a celebrity adventurer and a journalist.

“Living in harmony with nature is very important. Therefore, I support the idea of Mission Nature.” I think the most important thing is to teach children to respect nature, because they grow up among concrete, between a computer and a plant in a pot, and probably do not have the awareness that nature will survive without us, but we are doomed without it,” says Beata Pawlikowska, the ambassador of the project. “We also want to encourage children to adventure, to carefully observing the world, discovering and noticing its splendor, and the development of their writing, photography, journalism and editorial talents” she adds.

Mission Nature is a project that aims to teach young people the respect for the surrounding nature. Students from primary and middle schools during their “green school” in national parks, will play the role of explorers and get to know natural treasures every day.

The project is implemented by the European Foundation for Polish Rural Development Fund – www.efrwp.pl and co-financed by the EEA funds coming from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.